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About us

Fin Communication s.r.o is comprised of the best players in the field of technology, payment processing, compliance and financial service industries.

Our technological infrastructure has been organized in a way so as to comply with all the requirements and specifics of this business.

The quality and security of the services we provide is attested by the data processing security standard we have been conferred, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

To preserve this level of quality the Fin Communication s.r.o deals with internationally recognized manufacturers and suppliers only, among these are Oracle, Microsoft, SUN, etc.

Our business partners include banks in Latvia, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Great Britain and other countries. To service the sellers we employ standardized VISA/MasterCard security solutions (3D Secure, CVC/CVV2) having combined these with the most advance practices in the industry and our own solutions to prevent fraud.

When in partnership with Fin Communication s.r.o, you are guaranteed to receive the services of a high added value provided by highly qualified personnel.